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A thesis could involve a survey to find out how popular certain approaches are and why.

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Given the rapid increase of cloud service offerings, users are confronted with multiple options. A thesis could compare the practical differences involved?

Master thesis This section describes requirements and approaches for writing at FAU, even if you write your thesis abroad or in cooperation with a company. Database of example Information Systems dissertations - these dissertations is nowadays the important research topic in the many critical business areas and.

Cloud Services from a Consumer Perspective, in: Students need to take into account the courses they need, prerequisites, and the length of the program. Big data challenge: A thesis could look at how this happens in reality.

Here are two research questions that I find interesting: * What would be the business impact of net neutrality in various scenarios? * To what. Do organisations have information system strategies? Are they related to business strategy? A thesis could look at the relationship between the two in depth in.

A thesis could conduct a comparison between several methodologies, methods or techniques, or evaluate particular instances. Identify security-related data management design areas e. Effects and advantages Information systems are supposed to provide a competitive advantage when used appropriately.

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  2. Information systems development Planning The initial phase in developing an information system is the planning of how its to be done.

A thesis could involve using EKD to analyse a situation and suggest solutions. Democracy and decision making Information systems and the flow of information affect the balance of power and decision making in organisations.

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Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of master thesis business information system choice by filling in the lead form. Decision-making process in young businesses: Analyze requirements for self-service analytics for well-targeted offerings References: E-democracy Citizens in certain communities, regions and countries have begun to participate in electronic democracy.

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Information systems development Planning The initial phase in developing an information system is the planning of how its to be done. They find it difficult to evaluate cloud services with the various levels of performance and different economic models.

COBIT 5 and enterprise governance of information technology: Building blocks and research opportunities. Journal of Information Systems, 27(1), Given the availability of free capacity there is the possibility of writing Bachelor, Master and Diploma theses at the chair of Prof. Dr. Gersch covering the research .

Ereth, J. Management Comparisons Management trends come and go. Future Gener.

Longitudinal evaluation of a learning system for teaching geographical information system within the context of a geotechnical problem, Aparna Sukhavasi. What is an MSc in Business Information Systems? It is a course of study to not only understand the workings of a business and how to manage one, but also how.

A precondition is however that the organisation is correctly analysed for the purpose at hand. What are the current trends?

Master's Thesis Business and Information Systems Engineering (B-KUL-D0I87A). 24 ECTS English Both terms Cannot be taken as part of an examination. The Master of Science in Business Information Systems has been designed for ambitious students of business and information technology. Master Thesis.

I have intentionally omitted all propriety products and services so as to keep the subject descriptions as general and hence as applicable as possible. They often correspond to essay qualities successful student respective research focuses at the professorship Gersch. Hannes Rothe Hubris within start-ups Technology driven change process within healthcare Charlotte Vogt: A related topic is the use of information systems in terms of democratising the work place.

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A thesis should look at how development by or for reuse is actually done in practice. How do managers acquire IT?

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