I saw men with limbs missing, blind men, men who couldn't breathe properly because their lungs had been shot to bits by mustard gas.

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Luckily, Del has the last laugh as he confesses to stealing the microwave, but has immunity from prosecution, so Slater cannot charge him. It would be a long while before Del finally got to be a family man.

Only Fools and Horses: Memorable lines

The viewers could not be blamed for hating Del in this episode. God, roll the bleedin' credits, quick!

My earliest childhood recollection is of you standing in front of a mirror.

DEL 22 Would any self-respecting axe murderer pop upstairs for 40 winks and leave his chopper on the sideboard? Everyone else used to. We had Denzil in goal, we had Monkey-Harris left back, we had One memorable day was when the sixth form was taken to Manchester, for a careers open day to go and choose your career or pick your University, we arrived, ran around as many stalls as we could picking up any leaflets just to prove to the teachers we had actually been inside, we left the event and went sample application letter for finance and administration manager the pub hiding all the material outside, well actually in a wheelie bin!

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Boycie was on the receiving end more often than not 21 Look at Grandad. I'll give it my best shot. They find an entire town inhabited by bald men with white beards, but before that classic moment, Del and Rodney deliver Albert's ashes to the ocean he loved.

  • Luckily we all managed to get home safe and pretty much in one piece if not a little bit hungover and swaying everywhere we went!
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Granddad remembers The nuclear bomb shelter episode "The Russians Are Coming" contains many of the first series most memorable moments, and one killer scene. Before you knew it, the flaxen-haired maiden was up the spout, the old Earl had been sold some hooky armour and someone nicked the maypole.

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My earliest childhood recollection is of you standing in front of a mirror. Flaxen-haired maidens used to dance round the village maypole of an evening.

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A truly moving speech, and the only real occasion Del admits to being a bit of a failure. And then one fateful medieval day, the Trotter clan arrived in a stolen Zephyr.

1. A child is born

Freddie the Frog was a professional burglar. As some of you will know and those who don't I've known …l for a good many years and I must say he is one of the best lads you'll ever come across, so telling tales of drunken exploits may prove to be difficult, as it's impossible to select one from so many, but don't worry. Roll the credits chaps!

A small moment in "Sickness and Wealth":

Cassandra finally gives birth to hers and Rodney's child, and Rodney takes his newborn daughter to his mother's grave. Rodney looks up into the sky and talks to his chernobyl disaster case study pdf, telling her to say thanks to Albert.

The scene in "Time On Our Hands", the original finale until the three other Christmas specials made five years later where Del confronts Rodney in a broken down lift about talking about his feelings following Cassandra's miscarriage, prompting Rodney to break down and admit that he'd been spending too much time feeling sorry for himself without taking the time to see the effect it was having on everyone else, and Del points out that it's just a dropped stitch in life's tapestry.

The scene back at the flat where Rodney is angrily berating Del for his asshole behaviour and that the relationship between the two brothers looks like it can never be resurrected. Rodney opens up more than at any other moment in the show's history, before Del turns the lift back on, revealing it had never been broken in the first place.

The script is amazing here — writer John Sullivan is cleverly just using the emotion to build up to one enormous gag, before bringing it back to a scene that reminds us, as daft as he is, Del's a good man, a great bloke. Luckily we made the boat on time and the beer began to flow!

Sit back and enjoy the wit and wisdom of Peckham's finest – think of it as the “ creme de la menthe” of the show's one-liners. Only Fools and Horses ran for 22 years. Here are some memorable lines from the BBC sitcom.

In order to protect his family, Del agrees to become a police informant which goes against his principles. Nothing ever upsets Del Boy. I don't even know how to Del then comes along and askes him what he decided to call his baby, and he points at the grave stone and says he named her Joan, after their mum.

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Cassandra having a miscarriage in "Modern Man". He was a womaniser, a homebreaker, a conman, a thief, a liar and a cheat.

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I'm sorry. Pretty much barring that the stag do was completely uneventful. It's … and … day and I'd like to wish them every happiness and long lasting joy in this new chapter in their lives.

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But Del Boy had some classic gags 7 Whatever the wedding speech from brides parents is, Mum had something to say about it on her deathbed. It's sad, there's a pause for thought, then the humour returns.

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I remember when. After the initial feeling of flattery I soon realised that 1 I would have to stand up in front of so many people and give a speech and 2 I would have to say some nice things about ….

He initially puts on a macho posture, claiming that he knew he was really alright, but after his GP leaves, Del breaks down in relief. Driving down the M62 our mini-bus begins to fill with smoke obviously we had only fools and horses wedding speech pull over on to the hard shoulder, before we got off only fools and horses wedding speech was a slight bang from the engine and oil came flooding out, we questioned the competence of the driver when he got back in to a smoke filled bus and asked us all to get in, this wasn't going to happen.

The tear-stained look on Cassandra's face says it all plus Del also breaking down crying.

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Although Reeny is a somewhat comical character, she tells Del that the reason she moved from Peckham was when Del's mother Joan died. DEL 19 What's the name of that bloke who invented the Dyson vacuum cleaner?

Bloody family!

Only Fools and Horses’ most poignant moments

Standing Ovation It's finally "that time next week", the Trotters have made it as millionaires, and for the characters and viewer alike it feels like the end of an era. Albert remembers In a scene that looks set to be just another mickey take of Albert and his endless war stories, John Sullivan's script takes a completely unpredictable turn away from a punch line.

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Cassandra loses her baby The ultimate example of how Fools and Horses manages to tackle heart breaking moments and somehow still be hilarious. But Rodney settled down with Cassandra 27 You've had more dogs than Crufts.


In "Who Kazakh customs and traditions essay to Be a Millionaire", Only fools and horses wedding speech gets offered a very lucrative opportunity to move to Australia for a new business life, but decides to stay because Rodney is unable to go, and Albert does not wish to move. Del Boy: Just hear him out, will ya?

His brain went years ago, now his legs have gone. Luckily he has a very understanding wife who drove all the way back from Oldham to meet us outside his house.

Was that the Italian boy? While you're all still standing, I'd like to say one last thing, I can see the relief on people's faces, but it really has been an honour and a pleasure being the best man, but today I am the best man in name only.

The same driver and his wife again; came to pick us up from the dock and his competence was questioned further. I've finished with them! Like us on Facebook.

I'd like to thank for choosing me as his best man but I would especially . For anyone who's ever seen the Only Fools and Horses episode. Del and Raquel The Wedding: Set in . Trigger – “Oh Watcha Del, Dave here was just telling me about your problem” . be based on the wedding so would be all the build up to it, stag night, speeches, imagine dels first.

Where is it? Those roads will be treacherous.

Yet here's the thing, Only Fools And Horses is one of the only British sitcoms A truly moving speech, and the only real occasion Del admits to being .. him that he has promised him a deposit for a flat as a wedding present. A page for describing Tearjerker: Only Fools and Horses. Grandad's bitter and angry "War Is Hell" speech in "The Russians Are Coming" about the . Then in the second-last scene, the party after the wedding with "Holding Back the Years" .

He was about as useful as a pair of sunglasses on a bloke with one ear. BBC 1 Did you know, years ago this was a green and peaceful area?

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