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Management Learning, 30 2 Action science in organisations. Action research or case study?

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University of Southern Denmark. Several authors argue that action research should rely on the case-study method e. It may involve a variety of analytical, investigative and evaluative research methods designed to diagnose and solve problems.

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Baskerville and Lee what is case study and action research, p. Furthermore, case studies can be classified into three categories, known as exploratory, descriptive and explanatory case studies.

DeGross EdsNew information technologies in organizational processes: Sage Yin, R. Introduction to the special issue.

Difference Between Action Research and Case Study | Definition, Features, Purpose, Process

Qualitative Market Research, 2 1 Case study is an in-depth analysis of a particular event or case over a long period of time. Hodgkinson, H. Newbury Park, CA: Somehow, over the years, the attention on R seems to have gradually waned. The concept of action research.

These are part of research design, an overall strategy to integrate the different components of the study in a coherent and logical way. One might be better. Creating a Wider Audience for Action Research: Learning from Case-Study Research.

Normative action research. Sometimes, action researchers prefer to draw on the tenets of grounded theory. The dual imperatives of action research.

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An introduction to the theory and practice of action research in work organizations. The advantage of a case study is that you get to know the status quo in all its facets and so you gain a deep insight into your field of study. Dickens, L.

Although case researchers sometimes take it upon themselves to disseminate their findings to those who participated in the study, the findings are primarily targeted at the academic community.

Typical critique of action researches would be what is coursework in a resume they are not rigorous or systematic enough. Journal of Social Issues, 2 4 Content Action Research: If necessary, such an audience may even have to be created Gustavsen, ; Levin, ; Reason, Case-study research embraces varieties which could exemplify inductive and deductive, or positivistic and interpretive forms of research Caveye, Your decision for one or the other approach must be well justified and to this end you must consult research methodology literature.

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Creating a wider audience for action research: Systems thinking, systems practice. Case study research: Strauss, A.

A variant of the methodology was developed which combined the ethos of action research with the prescriptive mechanism of case study analysis. This was. Action Research / Case Studies. October 10th. Feed-back on 1 draft of research proposals. Silverman (8, 9, 10). Presentation on Action Research by group 1.

Selected papers on group dynamics. Introduction to action research: This paper reflects on the contexts in which action researchers find themselves, in order to suggest how action research might become better integrated into research practice. Basics of qualitative research: Researchers can also act as participants of the research.

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The advantage of the action research is that it naturally develops from your teaching practice and that it addresses real issues within your classroom. Elden, M.

When planning for a practice-based enquiry you will choose between an action research or case study approach. Here is a brief exploration. What is the difference between Action Research and Case Study? An action research study aims to solve an immediate problem; a case study.

Two imperatives for qualitative research.

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